a Film by Virginie Despentes -- starring Soko

Director:     Virginie Despentes
Producers:     Sébastien de Fonseca, Cédric Walter
Screenplay:     Virginie Despents
Co-starring:    Emmanuelle Beart, Beatrice Dalle
Release Date:     21 March 2012 (France)
Length:     85 minutes
Genre:     drama
Aspect ratio:    1.85:1

Virginie Despentes In Bye Bye Blondie, a Virginie Despentes film, Soko plays the younger incarnation of Béatrice Dalle's character. "And I look just like Nina Hagen!", Soko says. Others in the film are Emmanuelle Béart, Pascal Greggory, and Stomy Bugsy, the French rapper, as the chauffeur. The film is funny and beautifully romantic. It is a shame there is no DVD available with English subtitles. (There is one with Dutch subtitles.) Bye Bye Blondie can be streamed on Netflix France.

Bye Bye Blondie poster The book on which the film is based is available in German from and in French from

It was difficult for Despentes to acquire financing for the film. Eric Lavallee, writing for Ioncinema during the film's production, said: "...the release of Baise-moi a decade back hasn't made financing her 2nd film easier, she (Despentes) is filming with a budget of less than 3 million euros and had to cut some key backdrops from the shooting script." Below is a picture of Soko being made up for her role. Soko sings Babylon's Burning (The Ruts 1979) in the film.

This is a partial translation of an article by Bruno Boutsen.

Cover of the book Bye Bye Blondie with Soko

"Bye Bye Blondie is adapted from the novel of the same name, which has been described as 'punk-rock romantic comedy; by its author. It tells the story of a youthful love between two women, Gloria and Frances, that was resurrected twenty years after having been abruptly interrupted. One of the lovers, played by Béatrice Dalle, lives in Nancy, without work or family while the second, played by Emmanuelle Béart, lives in Paris where she is a television news presenter. And while, in the book, Frances is a man named Eric, Despentes deliberately wanted to film a love story between lesbians.

"The subject matter in this film, female homosexuality is still taboo and has been rarely addressed in film", says Emmanuelle Béart. "Some scenes have sometimes been difficult to turn." And added, "Viriginie Despentes is someone who wants to go far but is extremely modest. We must somehow feel the burn without the show."

Lydia Lunch is in this film! The band she formed in 2009 with James Johnston and Terry Edwards, BIG SEXY NOISE, released their first album in 2011 called TRUST THE WITCH. Her best known film thus far would be Vortex (1982) in which she played Detective Angel Powers. She is probably best known for her autobiography, PARADOXIA, which was published in 1997.

Soko and Clara Ponsot kiss in BYE BYE BLONDIE BYE BYE BLONDIE has been released in France. The book of the same title, on which the film is based, has been re-released with a new cover. Les Sorties Cinéma reviewed the film and said this about Soko and Ponsot (translation mine):

"Soko and Clara Ponsot interpreted the couple in the 80's, and convinced us that they are the true revelations of the film. We had already seen in Clara Ponsot a Lolita-like incandescence with Gilles Lellouche in THE INFIDELS. Here she used all of her fiery temperament to embody the troubled Frances...Each time the moments between Gloria and Frances are brought into the present tense [with Dalle and Béart], you find yourself wanting to return to the past with the young couple...If Clara and Soko hug with fever, the love scenes played by Dalle and Béart are chaste."


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Soko - young Gloria
Emmanuelle Béart - Frances
Béatrice Dalle - Gloria
Nadège Prugnard - Gloria's mother
Fantazio - Gloria's father
Clara Ponsot - young Frances
Pascal Greggory - Claude
Stomy Bugsy - chauffeur
Sasha Andres - Véro
Mélanie Martinez - waitress
Jean-Marc Royon - Michel
Olivia Csiky Trnka - Hélène
Mata Gabin - the maid
Sophie Malnatti - gym coach
Camille Chamoux - Tonina
Julien Lucas - TV producer
Lydia Lunch - herself
Coralie Trinh Thi - goth girl
Jean Cotter - dancer
Nicolas Rey - scientist
César Andrei - Claude
Vartan Fau - pianist
Mélanie Gautier - makeup artist
Didier Manuel - record salesman
Eric Larcin - head nurse
Jean-Yves Ruf - psychiatrist
Eric Wielemans - Saint-Eustache policeman
Xavier Fillol - Saint-Eustache policeman #2
Alban Lenoir - police officer
Bojena Horackova - Lutetia's guest #1
Pierre Léon - Lutetia's guest #2
Tom de Pékin - China Club performer
Victor Marzouk - China Club performer
Jacqueline Le Tellier - building lady
Christophe Berthemin - bar patron

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