ma vie n'est pas une comedie romantique
(It Had to be You)

- with Soko as Lisa

Director:    Marc Gibaja
Producers:     Nicolas Blanc
Screenplay:     Marc Gibaja, Laurent Sarfati
Co-starring:     Marie Gillain, Gilles Lellouche
Release Date:     19 December 2007 (France)
Length:     92 minutes
Genre:     drama
Aspect ratiot:    2.35:1

This is a parody of romantic comedies. It is the story of Thomas and Florence. Thomas had a bad breakup and, at age 35, is occuppied mainly with Star Trek (the film includes a Klingon wedding), and video games. Florence became a single mother at 17, and became a schoolteacher. She meets Thomas shopping for toilet paper with her daughter (Soko).

Marc Gibaja Note the black Star Trek uniform worn by Gilles Lellouche.

For some reason all the vocals in the soundtrack are in English, although the dialogue is in French. The music is good, though, and the theme was written by Soko (The Dandy Cowboys).

The French title translates as "My life is not a romantic comedy" but the English title of the film is "It Had to be You" The trailer (above right) does not include Soko.


It Had To Be You - Soko waking up It Had To Be You - towel-wrapped Soko It Had To Be You - Lisa's Wedding Poster It Had to be You - A Star Trek Wedding It Had to be You - Soko as Lisa It Had to be You - Soko


Soko - Lisa
Marie Gillain - Florence Baron
Gilles Lellouche - Thomas Walkowic
Laurent Ournac - Gros Bill
Philippe Lefebvre - Pascal
Frédérique Bel - secretary
Vincent Bowen - Lucas
Raphaëline Goupilleau - Rosie
Mathias Jung - Casque d'Or
Gérald Nguyen Ngoc - Saddam Ulcère
Rufus - Thomas' father
Andréa Ferréol - Thomas' mother
Franck Monier - pet store employee
Joseph Chanet - acupunturist
Martial Courcier - Klingon
Donatienne Dupont - Sarah Potier
Yeelem Jappain - Cynthia
Ruben Atlan-Zana - young Thomas
Apolline Bouissières - young Florence
Carmen Blanc - Ginger
Jason Cohen - Kevin
Claudia Tagbo - customs agent
Philippe Beautier - Monsieur PQ
Julien Fall - Dexter
Maud Rayer - Gros Bill's mother
Mendoza Lopez - Monsieur Lacorne
Leslie Coudray - demonstrator
Sébastien de France - Xavier
Philippe Hagège - airport window cleaner
Jérôme Paquatte - mover