Adrien (2008) - Sandra

Gregory FitoussiWith: Mark Ruchman, Gregory Fitoussi, Annie Gregorio, Alice Butaud

Director: Pascale Bailly

After six months in Thailand, Adrian comes home and looks for the truth about the disappearance of his childhood sweetheart, found drowned three months earlier. Soko sings "Souvenirs".

Les diablesses (Unloved) (2007) - Denise

Director: Harry Clevin
With: Anna Mihalcea, Bernadette Lafont, Marianne Basler, Annie Gregorio

Title literally translates as "The Devils". Sylvie (Anna Mihalcea) is an orphaned teen in France in the 1950's who is put in an institution for "fallen" or endangered girls. There she is treated harshly by the bigoted nuns who run the place like a prison. Sylvie befriends another girl (Soko) who wants to escape.

Le pénitent (Louis Page) (2006) 1 episode - Lydia
- Un rebelle dans la famille

Le pénitent is a series of 90 minute made-for-TV films starring Frederic van den Driessche as Pere Louis Page, a Catholic priest who, after losing his mother, undertakes a pilgramage and becomes involved in various plotlines on the way. 23 episodes have been made beginning in 1997.

On s'appelle (We Keep In Touch) (2005) - Clara

Soko as Clara in the French TV series On s'appelle

TV comedy series. Directed by Bruno Ducourant and Francis Coté. Soko was in 4 episodes (episodes 13 to 16 of the first season). The show starred Olivia Charpentier, Alexandra Naoum, and Martin Siméon.

Some of the show is available on DAILYMOTION.

In all entries below, Soko was credited as Stéphanie Sokolinski.

Commissaire Valence - (3 episodes) - Camille Valence

Commissaire Valence is a series of made-for-TV movies starring Bernard Tapie, Christian Charmetant, Loic Corberry, Laure Killing, and Cecile Simeone.

- Vengeances (2005)
- Double face (2006)

- Témoin en danger (2008)

At a union meeting, Delphine Dupré (Hélène Liber) is killed with a lethal injection in the calf. A year earlier, she was invited with her friend Karine, to a club belonging to Antoine Koskas (Jacques Hanson), a dangerous pimp. Karine then disappeared before she could testify against Koskas and he was released from prison. The discovery of Karine's body reopens the investigation into Dupré's death, but the only remaining witness, Sandra Solano (Cylia Malki), must be protected.

P.J. DVD cover

C.I.D. - Episode 7.9
- 26 December 2003 - Anouchka

Series also known as P.J. (Police judiciare) - A detective series that chronicled the daily life of a local police station in Paris. - Episode 7.9, "Assaut", was directed by Gérard Vergez.

Action Justice (2003) - Léa Franqui

With: Alexandra Kazan, Pierre-Loup Rajot, Cyril Lecompte, Laura Weissbecker, and Françoise Pinkwasser.

Episode 1.3 "Déclaré coupable" (Declared Guilty) - First aired 2 December 2003.

Lawyer Sophie Latour (Alexandra Kazan) struggles with judicial errors. This episode is about Marco Franqui, who was found guilty of killing a dealer in Moussa, because he had threatened the victim.

Clara cet été là - (Clara's Summer) (2002) - Zoé

With: Salomé Stévenin, Selma Brook, Léo Grandperret
Director: Patrick Grandperret

Clara and Zoé head to summer camp for a week of adventure and self-discovery. Zoe quickly gets involved with Sebastien, but is upset to find he is dating her just to impress his buddies. For comfort, Zoe turns to Clara, telling her she loves her, but Clara rejects her advances. When bisexual Sonia befriends her, other campers accuse Clara of being a lesbian. To stop rumors, Clara decides to sleep with a male counselor, but this only complicates things. Eventually, Clara succumbs to her attraction to Sonia, who helps her express her own self-awareness.

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