Gemma Lacey In an interview with Gemma Lacey of PUSS PUSS Magazine, Soko talked about the song the album's final track.

"Hurt Me With Your Ego goes back to therapy and the fact that when you're in a fight with someone, it's their ego vs yours, and everything hurtful that gets said is ego-based. So if you've made a smart choice and selected someone who's a lovable person and they say things they shouldn't, it's probably just ego. It's great when you have kids: you're reminded you can't have an ego and now being in a relationship, my girlfriend is not very ego-driven. She's seriously an angel and so good at communicating, she's constantly teaching me how to be more open."



Hurt me
Hurt me with your ego
Hurt me
Hurt me with your words
They cut through glass
And all the telephone lines
And I let it happen
I let it happen

I wish I've never seen your face
I'm picturing it all again
A tragic gaze and a pretty dress
Oh no, you got me there

Bite me
Bite me with your spiteful revenge
How much is it gonna hurt this time
Grace me, grace me with your smile
That's how you get away
You always get away with everything

Look at all the fingerprints
You left all over my body
Make it sacred, make it count
Oh no, you're not easy to forget

Faded ideals of meaningful words
Imagine the life where there are no others
You're easy to me and erased all the scars
Left from the past
Then you made it worse

Hurt me
Hurt me with your ego
Hurt me
Hurt me with your words
Now let me go