À L'ORIGINE (In the Beginning)

-- a film by Xavier Giannoli with Soko.

Director:     Xavier Giannoli
Producers:     Edouard Weil, Pierre-Ange Le Pogam
Screenplay:     Xavier Giannoli, Daniel Karlin
Co-starring:     François Cluzet, Emmanuelle Devos
Release Date:     11 November 2009 (France)
Length:     130 minutes
Genre:     drama
Film Format:    35mm
Working title: Je suis parti de rien (I started with nothing.)

In the Beginning - Poster Paul (Francois Cluzet), a career con man, is enjoying the profits of his latest scam when a lady mayor (Emmanuelle Devos) makes him rethink his criminal ways. Thanks to his growing interest in the mayor, Paul wants to make things right with his victims, who are many.

Xavier Giannoli The film is based on actual events, and the judge in the film, Laurent Leguevaque, is the judge who was involved in the actual case.

Here's what Soko said to BRAIN MAGAZINE about IN THE BEGINNING:

"I finally make a good film with Giannoli. Before that, I thought I really wanted to be an actress, that was my thing, but with Xavier, I really discovered an actress. With him, I realized that film was really what I loved to do, but it was also everything I hated. This film was an exception. Otherwise, it's really the shit to be an actress. Finally let's say I do not feel at all like an actress, I'm not patient, I need to do things quickly, to be self-sufficient, autonomous...So after doing this film with the great Xavier, I wanted to never make films again."

Cliff Martinez SOKO was nominated for a César Award (French equivalent of an Oscar) in the catgory of Best Female Newcomer, for her role. The ceremony was 27 February, and Soko did not win. Mélanie Thierry was the Best Female Newcomer for her young alcoholic in "Le dernier pour la route" (One for the Road). Emmanuelle Devos, Xavier Giannoli, and Soko at the 2009 premiere of IN THE BEGINNING at Cannes

The film was nominated for Best Picture of 2009 by the 2010 Globes de cristal. It was also nominated for the Golden Palm at Cannes. The soundtrack is available as an import CD from Amazon.

The film's music was composed by NY born Cliff Martinez, the former drummer with CAPTAIN BEEFHEART, and the RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS He has scored many films, including Sex Lies & Videotape, Traffic, Solaris, and Wicker Park.

IN THE BEGINNING marked the first time that Stéphanie Sokolinski was credited as Soko.

At basketball game Stained glass window and the mayor drinking Heinekin office workers parade construction parade Dancing with shovel Project sign


Soko - Monika
François Cluzet - Philippe Miller / Paul
Emmanuelle Devos - Stéphane
Gérard Depardieu - Abel
Vincent Rottiers - Nicolas
Brice Fournier - Louis
Stéphan Wojtowicz - Marty
Patrick Descamps - Bollard
Stéphane Jobert - Patrick
Nathalie Boutefeu - Marie
Frank Andrieux - Pascal
Corinne Masiero - Corinne
Gabriel Naudy - Gaby
Thierry Godard - Michel
Marie Félix - Julie
Mathilde Braure - Cathy
Christine Gabard - La femme de Maurice
Roch Leibovici - Conseiller mairie
Marie Micla - Claude
Jean-Claude Bolle-Reddat - Tanner
Eric Herson-Macarel - Barracher
Patrick Bonnel - Cadre CGI
François Loriquet - Cadre CGI
Marie Gili-Pierre - Employée CGI
Vincent Jouan - Vendeur
Laurent Leguevaque - Juge
Emmanuel Plovier - Consultant 1
François Hauteserre - Bureaucrat
Eric Paul - Contractor 1
Pierre-Yves Kiebbe - Contractor 2
Simon Ferrante - Contractor 3
Emmanuel Rausenberger - Collègue Patrick
Eric Bleuzé - Fonctionnaire de garde
Jacques Herlin - Cop 1
Thierry Bertein - Cop 2
François Godart - Cop 3