- with Soko as Carole

Directors:     Philippe Kotlarski, Anne Weil
Producers:     Yael Fogiel, Laetitia Gonzalez
Screenplay:     Philippe Kotlarski, Anne Weil
Co-starring:     Jérémie Lippmann, Vladimir Fridman
Release Date:     27 November 2013 (France)
Length:     101 minutes
Genre:     Historical drama
Aspect ratio:    1.85:1

Les Interdits (Friends From France) is now available on DVD (French only, zone 2) for €25.

Soko learning to smoke fake cigarettes for the film FRIENDS FROM FRANCEOriginally titled Friends from France, LES INTERDITS is set in 1982 when two cousins, Jerome Berkowicz (Jérémie Lippmann) and Carol Brikerman (Soko), travel to Leningrad to make clandestine contact with Soviet Jews (the "refuseniks") who face persecution, and have a range of encounters that will mark them for life. LES INTERDITS premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in September, 2013.

It is written and directed by Anne Weil and Philippe Kotlarski. The film was shot at locations in Germany, Russia and Israel, and is a co-production between Les Films du Poisson, Vandertastic and her St Petersburg based production house, Rock Films.

A Polish version of Les Interdits, called Druzya iz Francii has been released. It is 9 minutes longer than the French version.

Soko - Les Interdits Jérémie Lippman starred as Cristophe Lancelot in the 2009 French TV series 16éme, which was sort of a French version of Beverly Hills 90210.

Russian-born Israeli actor Ania Bukstein plays Vera in the film. She is best known for playing Irena Kovlova in the Israeli TV series THE ARBITRATOR.


Soko - Carole
Jérémie Lippmann - Jérôme
Vladimir Fridman - Viktor
Ania Bukstein - Vera
Martin Nissen - Léon
Alexandre Chacon - David
Artyom Tkachenko - Anton
Yekaterina Medvedeva - Anna Brailowski
Igor Ovadis - M. Dutkin
Alexander Senderovich - Nathan Brailowski
Marina Tomé - Mme Cordelier
Arnaud Duléry - M. Cordelier
Brigitte Roüan - Jérôme's mother
Ariel Braunstein - Antoine
Leo Rupin - Lazar
Victor Kraslavskiy - L'ami de Viktor
Waldemar Hooge - Officier des douanes
Yanina Lisovskaya - Officier des douanes
Albina Heinrich - Dièjournaia
Marianna Bocharnikova - Guide (day 1)
Natalia Borzdun - Guide (day 2)
Anya Shulkina - Guide (day 3)
Valerij Pysarenko - Trio Scho's musician
Valery Khorychman - Trio Scho's musician
Jelena Bolsuna - Theater Kavardak Clown 1
Stanislav Bogdano - Theater Kavardak Clown 2

KGB AGENTS - Valeriy Ostapenko - Nikolay Bych - Dmitry Brauer - Nikolaï Tagner - Sergiy Skumsky - Andreas Manz - Sören Schulz - Samwel Barsegjan - Suchy Kai

TOURISTS - Marie-Hélène Behr - Nicole Tramm-Monteran - Harina Walter-Paufler - Volker Siegmund - Françoise Jardine - Andree Kosorukow - Mario Martin - Karla Schäfer-Lassus - Rohan Hanet - Marc Le Layec - Isabelle Prévost - Françoise Tempel - Bernard Lassus - Britta Schiller - Monika Schöbel


Soko - Les Interdits Soko - Les Interdits Soko and Jeremie Lippmann - Les Interdits

After the film was completed, this was posted by @SoKothecat on 15 December 2012: "This is for GAY RIGHTS IN RUSSIA."