LES IRRÉDUCTIBLES (The Indomitable) with Soko as Lucie

Director:     Renaud Bertrand
Producers:     Géraldine Ioos-Combelles, Laurent Thiry
Screenplay: Marc Herpoux. Dominique Mérillon, Sébastien Thibaudeau
Co-starring:     Jacques Gamblin, Kad Merad, Anne Brochet
Release Date:     14 June 2006 (France)
Length:     96 minutes
Genre:     dramedy
Aspect ratio:    2.35:1

Two 40 year old factory workers, Gérard and Michel, lose their jobs. Since they failed to finish high school, they find the labour market difficult, so they decide to return to high school to get their diplomas. The fact that Michel has a son in high school complicates matters.

Valerie Kaprisky Soko plays the girlfriend and fellow student of Michel's son Philippe. She first appears onscreen about 27 minutes into the film, which is set in and around Bordeaux, Soko's home town.

The real star of Les Irréductibles is Anne Brochet, who turns in a brilliant comedic performance. The scene in the hairdresser's shop in which she turns a customer's wash and set into a threatening and very sexual dance with scissors is extraordinary. And she has a quite elegant scene where, alone at home, she dances with a vase of flowers.

There are bicycles in this film, lots of bicycles. There are lots of scenes in which the characters are shown partially obscured by this or that, the unique style of Director Bertrand, used to sometimes questionable effect, but the scenes with Brochet are mostly full-screen and quite colourful.

Pink Martini The soundtrack is not, so far as I can tell, available for download anywhere, but it should be. The Bulgarian Symphony Orchestra provides most of the original music, and there are two songs (Donde estas Yolanda, and Let's Never Fall in Love Again) by Pink Martini, and one (Fuck U) by Archive.

Valérie Kaprisky (Laurence) was also Sophie Grimaud, the prime suspect in DOUBLEFACE, which was also the episode of Valence in which Soko appeared. Doubleface aired on French television about three months before Les irréductibles was released.


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The full cast of Les irréductibles:

Soko - Lucie
Jacques Gamblin - Michel
Kad Merad - Gérard Mathieu
Anne Brochet - Claire Deschamps
Rufus - Edmond
Valérie Kaprisky - Laurence
Hélène Vincent - Jane
Edouard Collin - Philippe
Catherine Hosmalin - Micheline
Raphaël Krepser - Louis
Christine Paolini - Madame Lacaze
Jean-Louis Reltien - Pedro
Charlotte Grenet - Noémie
Violaine Barret - oral examiner
Philippe Bas - banker
Jacques Bouanich - rugby coach
Niels Dubost - math teacher
Marie Favasuli - young woman in bar
Dominique Frot - philosophy teacher
Lucien Jean-Baptiste - physics teacher
Marc Rioufol - headmaster
Sacha Briquet - mayor
Roger Contebardo - mayor's assistant
Flavien Dauvergne - deliveryman
Vincent Skimenti - protestor
Fabrice de la Villehervé - ALPE advisor #1
Leslie Vicas - ALPE advisor #2
Catherine Davidenko - salon client #1
Christine Saint-Cricq - salon client #2
Valérie Vogt - woman in restaurant

Les irreductibles - poster