L'ESCALIER (Staircase)

- with Soko as Béa

Director:     Frédéric Mermoud
Producers:     Alain Peyrollaz
Screenplay:     Frédéric Mermoud
Co-starring:     Nina Meurisse, Clément van den Bergh
Release Date:     30 March 2003 (France)
Length:     22 minutes
Genre:     drama
Aspect ratio:    1.85:1

An apartment building staircase connects the lives of the building's tenants.

15-year-old Rachel is in love with Hervé, a young student who does not live in the neighborhood. The staircase of his apartment building became their meeting place. Hiding between floors and in corners, they become voyeurs with a unique view of the lives of their neighbors. One night, Hervé asks her to go to Normandy with him. She agrees to go and finds herself alone in the night waiting on the stairs.

This is Soko's film debut. This 22 minute short film won four film festival awards, including the Golden Swann. Nine Meurisse won Best Actress at the Vendome and Cabourg Festivals for her role as Rachel.


Soko - Béa
Nina Meurisse - Rachel
Camille Japy - Hilary
Marie Collins - Olivia
Amandine Maudet - Sophie
Morgane François - Gisèle
César Méric - Florent
Gilles de Verdière - Zach
Valérie Béranger - Isabelle
Tibault Penven - Didier
Benoît Penven - Jean
Clément van den Bergh - Hervé


L'escalier - Soko  as Bea L'escalier - Soko - bemused
L'escalier - Soko - a hallway with a view L'escalier - Soiko - pissed off