DANS LES CORDES (On the Ropes)

Director:     Magaly Richard-Serrano
Producer:     Nathalie Mesuret
Writers:     Pierre Chosson, Gaëlle Macé
Co-starring:     Louise Szpindel, Richard Anconina, Maria de Medeiros
Release Date:     4 April 2007 (France)
Length:     93 minutes (DVD 90 minutes)
Genre:     Drama

Director Magaly Richard-Serrano ON THE ROPES is a film about a boxing family. The father, the daughter, the mother and the niece are all involved in the sport. Joseph (the father) runs a small suburban club which is always on the brink of failure. The girls (Sandra and Angie) are preparing for their day of glory, the final championship of France. But Angie, the budding star, is defeated, and a dangerous rivalry develops between Angie (Louise Szpindel) and Sandra (Soko) that goes far beyond the ring. Of course, the physically and mentally battered Angie is at the heart of the story. The young director, Magaly Richard-Serrano, has herself been twice champion of France, and knows boxing. This is not some Hollywood epic celebrating the individual and the system. This film is about a little guy trying to keep his small business alive and keep a family together, even though every family member, including himself, wishes to be elsewhere.

There are no female stunt doubles listed in the credits, so it is possible that Soko and Szpindel actually did their own boxing.

Director Magaly Richard-Serrano writes for the French soap opera Plus belle la vie. She has directed the TV movie Ceux qui dansent sur la tête (Those Who Dance on the Head), which chronicles a friendship between two teenaged hip-hop dancers, and is due to be aired later this year.



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