A newborn Soko with her mother - 1985 Soko (born Stéphanie Alexandra Sokolinski) is a French singer and actress. She was born near Bordeaux, France on 26 October 1986 to a Polish family and was raised there along with four siblings. Her father died in 1991. She has been called Soko as far back as she can remember. At the age of 16, she left Bordeaux and made the 600km journey north to Paris, where she studied acting with Eva St Paul for one year. She then resumed her education at several different schools, but dropped out after a few months.

After appearing in several French films, she got her start as a singer while she was working on the film IT HAD TO BE YOU when she asked Director Mark Gibaja if she could sing on screen. She sang DANDY COWBOYS, the film's theme song. In 2007 and 2008 "I'll kill her" became a hit song in a number of countries, including Denmark, Austria and Belgium.

Soko sometimes lives in Paris, and sometimes in Los Angeles. Her Facebook Page now has more than 300,000 likes.

Soko and Indigo The official video for FIRST LOVE NEVER DIE, shot in Nevada in 2011 and directed by Soko and Matthew Gray Gubler, now has more than seven million views on YouTube.

She appeared for the first time on US radio (KCRW Los Angeles) on 11 June 2013. Later, she premiered a the video for I Just Want To Make It New With You during a CD release party at Sonos Studio.

On 1 December 2012, Soko joined Jherek Bischoff Zola Jesus, Mirah, Jason Webley and a 35 piece orchestra. at THE MOOR THEATRE in Seattle, WA. It was Soko's first time playing with an orchestra.

Soko was one of three finalists for the 2013 Romy Schneider Prize, which was won by Céline Sallette. In 2017, she was nominated for both a César Award and a Lumiere Award for her role in La danseuse


Soko gave birth to Indigo Blue Honey Sokolinski (the name is a reference to the song Indigo Blue by The Clean) on 30 October 2018 at 11:58pm.

Soko and Indigo She told Garage Magazine the story of Indigo's birth.

"I had four really close friends with me in the delivery room, all women. My doula, Rima, is a Kundalini prenatal teacher, so she was playing mantras and we were singing these Sanskrit songs, playing crystal bowls, music, and chimes. She told us that massaging breasts is great to induce faster labor and faster contraction, and so, at some point, someone asked, 'Okay, do you want an eight-hand breast massage?'"