Mourir auprès de toi

Director:     Simon Cahn, Spike Jonze
Producers:     Gregory Bernard, Diane Jassem
Screenplay:     Olympia Le-Tan
Release Date:     14 May 2011 (France)
Length:     6:15
Genre:     drama


Spike Jonze - Macbeth
Pierre Le-Tan - The bookseller
Soko - Mina

The stop-motion film took a year and a half to make, uses 3000 pieces of felt, and is set in the famous Left Bank bookstore SHAKESPEARE AND COMPANY once frequented by Hemingway. It is a romance between book illustrations who become detached from their dust jackets. Mina (voiced by Soko) has lots of sex with the skeleton (Spike Jonze) and gets to punch Moby Dick in the face. All the felt pieces are hand-cut by Olympia Le-Tan.

Premiered at Cannes 14 May 2011. The Greek title is Pethainontas dipla sou (Dying Next to You). Produced by Gregory Bernard and Diane Jassem. Original music by Sam Spiegel. Directed by Simon Cahn and Spike Jonze.


Olympia Le-Tan Olympia Le-Tan is the daughter of French illustrator Pierre Le-Tan (the voice of the bookseller in the film). Born in London and raised in Paris, she studied Italian at the University of London, and then went to art school in Paris. At the age of 19, she was hired by the Chanel design studio. There she began a 7-year collaboration with designer Gilles Dufour, who was Chanel's director.

Olympia was also working alone on her eponymous handmade handbag label. The bags were sold in major fashion selected shops. At the same time, she became a well-known sound designer and contributed to the success of the nightclub Le Baron in Paris, whichsoon became a popular Paris nightspot. She became the regular DJ for Louis Vuitton aftershow parties.

In September 2009, she launched YOU CAN'T JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER, a collection of limited edition handbags and minaudières, inspired by the first edition covers of 21 classics, all handmade in France. Other collections would be inspired by milk packaging and cookbooks.

Her birthday is sometime in early October.


Spike Jonze Spike Jonze was born Alan Spiegel in Rockville, MD on 22 October 1969. He was the founder of DIRT Magazine and co-creator of MTV's JACKASS, and JACKASS THE MOVIE. In 2010, he made a short film called SCENES FROM THE SUBURBS, inspired by an Arcade Fire album. Scenes from this short were used in the music video to the song THE SUBURBS (from the album). The short was co-written by Jonze, Win Butler, and Will Butler. It premiered at the Berlin International Film Festival on 27 June 2011.

Jonze is good friends with Björk and frequently works with her. He has directed three videos for her and she contributed with the theme song for Jonze's film BEING JOHN MALKOVICH.