THE DANCER (La danseuse) - starring Soko as Marie-Louise Fuller

Director:     Stéphanie Di Giusto
Producer:     Alain Attal
Screenplay:     Sarah Thibau and Stéphanie Di Giusto
Co-starring:    Lily-Rose Depp, Mélanie Thierry
Release Date:     1 Decembe 2017 (US) 28 September 2016 (France)
Length:     108 minutes
Genre:     biography, drama
Aspect ratio:    2.39:1

La danseuse (The Dancer) is now available on iTunes (US). The film received six César Award nominations. Anaïs Romand won for best Costume Design. Soko was nominated for Best Actress.

Stephanie DiGusto and Soko
Soko: "On set of La Danseuse telling secrets and all my insecurities to my beautiful director Stephanie DiGiusto in my favorite flower head piece."

Soko gives the best performance of her career as the Amerian expatriate dancer Loie Fuller.

The film begins with the death of Fuller's gold prospector father, somewhere in the foothills of the American rocky mountains. (He is shot dead while bathing.) Fuller travels to New York to live with her mother who is heavily involved in the temperance movement, and resumes her acting career. (Fuller was a child actress before running off to the wild west with her father.) A wardrobe malfunction during a performance of a drama called "Quack MD" leads her to develop the "serpentine dance" which would make her famous in Paris.

She becomes infatuated with the young Isadora Duncan, another expatriate, and introduces her to French audiences. A relationship between Isadora and Loie never quite develops, but the infatuation (it is implied) helps Fuller to realize that her friend, Gabrielle Bloch, is in love with her.

Lily-Rose Depp The film is set in the early 1890's. Bloch and Fuller did not move in together until 1905.

Later in her life, Fuller became a good friend of Marie Curie, and a member of the French Astronomical Society. She held many patents for stage lighting, including the first chemichal mixes for gels and slides, and the first use of luminescent salts for lighting effects.

The movie is seriously beautiful. It starts off a bit slowly, but by the time Fuller gets to Paris, the story is riveting.


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Soko - Marie-Louise Fuller
Gaspard Ulliel - Count Louis d'Orsay
Mélanie Thierry - Gabrielle Bloch
Lily-Rose Depp - Isadora Duncan
François Damiens - Edouard Marchand
Louis-Do de Lencquesaing - Armand Duponchel
Amanda Plummer - Lili (Loie's Mother)
Denis Ménochet - Ruben (Loie's Father)
Charlie Morgan - Jeff
Tamzin Merchant - Kate
William Houston - Rud
Bert Haelvoet - Macbeth actor
Camille Rutherford - Macbeth actor
Laurent Manzoni - doctor
Matilda Kime - Louis' assistant
Christian Erickson - William - Louis' advisor
Nicolas Helpiquet - waiter
Daniel Kramer - Taylor
James Flynn - actor doctor
Frans Boyer - flower delivery man
Morgane Branchoux - American prostitute
Hugues Martel - restaurant manager
David Lantsoght - technician
Marek Smejkal - lift attendant
Scott Thrun - Pastor
Petra Buckova - Houskeeper
Douglas Hodge - Taylor
Hideaki Tsuji - Japanese musician
Shimehiro Nishikawa - Sada Yacco

Men at bar:
Nicolas Avinée, Marc Arnaud, Jules Pélissier

Gérald Cesbron, Fabrice Cals, Pierre Giafferi, David Bowles

Adrien Eymard, William Coulomb, Xavier Cacot, Carols Ruben Barrera

Marie-Lou Durand, Oanell Laborde, Doriane Aguilar, Johana Louis-Muci, Marie-Mathis Aubert, Mathilde Martinez, Pénélope Beaulieu, Tamara Milano, Philippine Groc, Mona Ninaud Mona Ninaud, Clémence Juglet, Leelou Seugnet, Ekaterina Kharlov, Nadia Tereszkiewicz