Stéphanie Sokolinski (SOKO) as Chloe in
"Au secours j'ai 30 ans!" (Last Chance Saloon)

Director:     Marie-Anne Chazel
Producers:     Alain Doutey
Screenplay:     Marie-Anne Chazel, Benjamin Legrand
Co-starring:     Pierre Palmade, Nathalie Corré
Release Date:     23 June 2004 (France)
Length:     93 minutes
Genre:     dramedy
Aspect ratio:    1.85:1

The French title translates as "Help, I'm 30!", but the English title is "Last Chance Saloon".

Kathy, Tara and Yann spent their childhood together on the island of Grois off Brittany. At 18 they came to Paris. Twelve years later, Yann is happy with his boyfriend Alfredo, and the girls have disastrous love lives.

Their carefree attitude to life turns serious when Yann falls ill. Yann's mother arrives from the island to take care of him and discovers his private life. The two women sort out their soap-opera-ish series of relationships. Based on the book "Last Chance Saloon" by MARIAN KEYES.

Soko's role in this film is a minor one.


Soko dancing Soko red thong Soko whispers Soko - red thong - posterior view
Soko - close up Soko - embrace


Soko - Chloé
Pierre Palmade - Yann
Giovanna Mezzogiorno - Kathy
Nathalie Corré - Tara
Franck Dubosc - Léo Melvil
Marthe Villalonga - Jeanne-Marie
François Morel - Thomas
Arnaud Giovaninetti - Romain
Esse Lawson - Coralie
Michel Scotto di Carlo - Alfredo
Bernard Yerlès - Gwen
Julie Judd - Annie
Bruno Flender - Loïc
Xavier Berlioz - Max
Élodie Hesme - Nadège
Sébastien Haddouk - Fred
Béatrice Costantini - Vanessa
Florence Pelly - Salomé
Thibault Revel - Hugo
Marc Samuel - Jean-Marc
Christian Pereira - Professeur Meyrand
Annie Grégorio - Mlle Deleu, nurse
Stéphane Bari - Matthieu
Alain Doutey - priest
Daniel Allouche - boxing announcer
Thierry Barbet - sailor
Jean-Louis Barcelona - groom
Youssef Barit - boxer
Jean-Claude Bouttier - himself
Thibault Chanel - Hugo